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Wished Lies ch29 BigbangXreader
Seungri's POV
    "Cha Cha Cha Cha!~" The panda moved his hips sassily in front of Dae who absently sat on a chair in the dorm's living room, the vocalist merely looked up from his phone and at the maknae for a few brief seconds before looking at his phone again.  The panda stopped and folded his arms; the imaginary salsa music that was playing in his head must have not reached his lover. 
'Idiot.. pay. at. ten. tion..' Seungri sat cross-legged on the carpet. Dae continued searching on his phone, his brow creasing from time to time. 
    "Hey Daesung..." His hyung continued to read his phone, grunting in response. Seungri sighed. His lover was really the most romantic man on Earth. "Kang Daesung!"
    D-Lite jerked at his full name being shouted and looked over at his hyung with fear-filled eyes. 'hehehe finally got your attention, huh?' Seungri smiled that token smile of his and stood up. Dae just relaxed and puffed out his cheeks in a pout
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Wished Lies ch28 BigbangXreader
Reader's POV
    'my wardrobe... has boxers in it now...' you pouted, thinking of all the pretty, feminine clothes you never wore but COULD have worn back in the states.. Why didn't you dress up as much as possible? You looked back down at your miniature suit-case full of suits, watches, and aftershave..  perfectly normal travel needs for a teenager. What kind of teenage girl didn't have old spice?
    You sighed and flopped back on your bed. "This is the life of Bigbang's assistant... Aish! Pabu Pabu Pabu-"
    "Yes, we all know you are an idiot, thanks captain obvious." One of your favorite voices echoed into the room. You stood and stared at the door frame to see your 'brother' Teddy. He looked pretty darn cool in his suite and tie, obviously some ridiculously expensive piece of clothing that does the same job as any other piece of clothing would. But Teddy likes to be sharp. "Are you all packed?" He asked, wearing your favorite yet caring smile.
:iconalexdamini:AlexDamini 2 4
Wished Lies ch27 BigbangXreader
G Dragon's POV
    Tae Yang's lips mimiced Ji's, the two inseparable. TaeYang twisted and Ji swayed, feeling each other's bodies with greedy, curious hands. Bodies clung together, eyes closed as much as they can be, gasps of breath flowing in and out in between turns.. the world around the couple might as well been oblivion.
    But then of course, Tae Yang pulled away. Ji simply looked back up at him. 'WAIT WHY THE FUCK?!?!' G.D was then suddenly aware that Youngbae, THE FUCKING SINGER, the love of his whole consciousness, had just kissed him- their lips met, their hearts had beaten in unison, their hands clutching each other's back and torso... 'Why....? Just the other day he was about to punch me in the face... Why would he..?'
    "Guys," Tae Yang announced to the whole room, but only looking into Ji's eyes. 'What is he going to do now..?' "Guys, I think I like this punk.." 
    Bae then leaned down again, clutching Ji's back in a tight
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Wished Lies ch26 BigbangXreader
Reader's POV
    "Aish..." You moaned, the sunlight filtering through your eye-lids. This morning was definitely, without a doubt, the morning after a drink-filled night. Slowly getting up, you noticed something heavy on your chest.
    You gasped; there, right next to you, lay Jay Park. His tattooed arm was swung carelessly over your torso. Instantly you panicked. 'How the hell?! What the hell happened last night? We didn't-' You looked under the covers to see that your clothes were still on, the borrowed suit wrinkled and ruffed up at the edges. 'Okay, good, we didn't do it, but... what happened after..?' You thought of seeing T.O.P and Bom, how you broke down in tears, and then how you ended up kissing Jay- you groaned. Why the hell does these things happen?
    'Why is he even in here anyway?' You suddenly thought, peeping at Jay who just innocently smiled in his sleep.
    "Damn it..." You muttered, trying to slide from u
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Wished Lies ch25 BigbangXreader
   SOL's POV
    It was weird, Tae Yang had never eaten lunch alone before in.. how many years?  'Maaaaan..' Tae Yang sighed, picking at his sandwich and scrolling through his phone. He knew he was late for his break, but he didn't think everyone would totally ditch out on him like this.. 
    'Who should I text.. let's see..' He asked himself, scrolling through his phone and taking another nibble. 'Teddy, Chingu? Naw they are way too busy... Dae, Seungri? I heard they went on another date.. T.O.P? Like hell! That guy has been fucking pissed the last few days.. Ji? idk he was acting weird the last few days...'
    -Beep Beep-
    As if on que, G.D texted him. Tae smiled a bit. 'Now this kid I can always count on, even if he is a bit out of loop..'
    G.D: 'Yo Bae, I think there are going to be fireworks tonight on Y.G's roof, and I REALLY want to see 'em. buuuuuuut, the thing is, I don't want to
:iconalexdamini:AlexDamini 2 6
Wished Lies ch24 BigbangXreader
    Seungri's POV
            'I WANT TO HAVE LUNCH WITH YOU! LET'S MAKE LUNCH TOGETHER! WE LIKE MAKING HOMEMADE LUNCH! LET'S JUST DO IT!' Seungri sighed. He had been trying to use his super saiyan powers to communicate to Dae that they should go make a cute little japanese bento together, but unfortunately, his childhood dreams were shattered when the connection didn't go through. He looked at the clock; they had plenty of time since the director just dismissed the group from shooting, but Dae was almost at the cafeteria..If he didn't stop him now, no bento and no cute lunch date.
    'Like hell I am going to let that happen..' Seungri growled to himself, quickening his pace. 'You are mine today.'
    "Dae, Dae wait up!" Seungri ran to catch up with his older hyung. D-Lite just turned around and smiled broadly seeing the maknae. 'He looks so nice..' the panda grinned, slowing to a stop to walk with his boyfriend
:iconalexdamini:AlexDamini 2 4
For Cam hahaha your going to hate me
    It all started when Cam became obsessed- Kwon Ji Young was her one and only. Day after day she drew, and drew, and drew, and painted, and then drew some more. She drew like it was her religion. 
    One after another, her drawings were everywhere; online, used as advertisement, the works. In fact, from the profit she made off the advertisement art and such, she was sitting her ass down on a sum of cash that had no limit. Ultimate shopping sprees, designer clothing; she got pimped. And it all started with an unhealthy obsession. 
    But that didn't stop her. She became dedicated to art, trying all forms. Before long, a world reknown Cam had prints being sold off on t-shirts, bags, advertisements- the stuff she drew went directly from canvas to bank account. 
    So... Why not spend that cash a little more? Y.G had contacted her into different sales opportunities and such, but sh
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Wished Lies ch23 BigbangXreader
    Reader's POV
    Hangover? Not quite. Your head hurt, but it didn't seem like the usual 'Wow you really weren't smart enough to stay away from the booze, were you genius?' feeling you get once the morning dawns. You could also hear heels clacking rhythmically on tile and doors opening and closing- you were definitely weren't in the dorm. Slowly, you opened your eyes, the glow of stale, cheap white light filled your peripheral, blinding you for a second before you could grasp anything.
    You were in white linen sheets on a hospital bed, the obnoxious noise of heels and hushed-tone voices filled the void of depression in the air. To your right was a small bed-side table with a glass of water and to your left a window hidden behind blinds. You seemed to be by yourself in the room, but then you notice a slumped over figure in an identical white laiden chair in the corner of the room.
    "Teddy?!" You say loudly, ignoring the slight throb in yo
:iconalexdamini:AlexDamini 3 4
Mature content
Wished Lies ch22 BigBangXreader :iconalexdamini:AlexDamini 3 2
Wished Lies ch21 BigbangXreader
   Reader's POV
    You looked at your phone notifications again: absolutely nothing. Not that that was new, its just that ever since you had become the new 'assistant' (or slave, either name points to you!)  to Y.G entertainment's idol group, BIGBANG, your phone has never been silent. It's funny how much life changes after you get shipped off to Korea. 
     'Really weird.. than again, that bully is probably confused as shit, right? Not even a demand from Y.G.. Geez!When are they going to decide on a god-forsaken ice cream? There are only three flavors here!' you looked behind the bench you were sitting on into the convenient store; sure enough, there was Taeyang and G-Dragon, two guys that looked like they jumped out of a manga, playfully fighting over which ice cream was better. For some reason, they seem so well together; G.D pouted and folded his arms and then sneak attacked Youngbae by messing with his
:iconalexdamini:AlexDamini 3 7
Wished Lies ch20 BigbangXreader
   Reader's POV
    "Damn! What the Hell!?" You ran down the hallway and straight into the big-ass Y.G van, starting the monster just as you sat on it's concrete like seats. 
    After getting the call from Ji Young, you rushed straight out of the Epik High photoshoot area to the vehicle. Seriously? Could one day, JUST ONE DAY, not be hectic? Apparently not; and just to prove that, your phone started to scream from your pocket, almost making you run into a couple of ahjummas on the sidewalk.    
    'Damn Damn Damn ' you muttered under your breath. 'Answer it politely, knowing your luck it's probably Y.G or something '
   Having a super polite voice, you answered the phone calmly while running a red light through screaming pedestrians.      
   "Yah! Who the
:iconalexdamini:AlexDamini 2 5
Wished Lie ch19 BigbangXreader
   T.O.P's POV
Choi was waiting, yet again, this time at a street-side cafe. He scanned the streets yet again. 'Where is she? She should already been waiting here..' 
    He crossed his legs in frustration, taking his seat once again. What was taking her so long? 'That silly woman is always like this...' He sighed, leaning into his hands. 
    "Omo..." A shorter woman in a black overcoat came walking up to the cafe, toward T.O.P. "Is that who I think it is?" She came over and patted Choi, startling him. "Youhavegrownsommuch!~"
    Before T.O.P stood an older woman with short hair and an ever present smile. He looked up and smiled in return; practically beaming. "Mom!" He shouted, leaping onto the woman and scaring a few of the pedestrians. 
    "What took you so long!~" He whined, squeezing the poor woman. "I missed you; we haven't met in years.." The idol pouted. The woman just laughed.
    "I would see you mor
:iconalexdamini:AlexDamini 3 5
Wished Lies ch18
    Tae Yang was just sitting coolly across from Ji, just smiling like nothing happened  'Idiot..' Thought G.D, totally confused about what the hyung had just did. 'He still doesn't know anything; I shouldn't expect him to be cautious if he is so clueless. It's all my fault anyway, I shouldn't have these feelings in the first place.' The Kwon leader brushed his bangs out of his eyes, rinsed the spoon and went over to the stove to pour the tomato soup. He was trying his best not to let his emotions show on his expression. 
    Handing Tae a bowl of tomato soup, he smiled and thanked Ji. "No problem!~" Said G.D, masking a smile over his feelings, watching Tae Yang eat. 'I am content with our friendship, I am content with just being friends..' He scolded himself over and over every time his heart beat quickened, every time Youngbae looked his way, every time he said his name. Damn, why is it so hard?
    After the
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Wished Lies ch17 BigbangXreader
Youngbae's POV
    "Oww..." Sighed Youngbae, rubbing the back of his head, sitting down for a fifteen minute break in one of Y.G's dance rooms. Bigbang had arrived at the office a hour and a half ago, yet they were still in vocal class. The class wasn't as demanding as the dance sessions (They had the voices to keep up with the beat), but if you drank and partied the whole previous night, it didn't exactly help your vocal cords. 
    "What's up?" Voiced G.D behind him, putting his hand on his shoulder. 'He is always so energetic..' thought Tae as G.D shuffled over and sat facing him. He pulled in his knees in close and rested his arms on them, caressing his face with his hands. 'I like it better when he is like this, not like this morning; all down in the dumps.' Tae thought silently. 
    "I'm fine." Tae managed a weak smile and dropped his hand from his head. 
"Youngbae." G.D scooted closer to his hyung and looked h
:iconalexdamini:AlexDamini 2 2
Wished Lies ch16 BigbangXreader
    Youngbae's POV
 "What Dae!!?!" Groaned the hungover bandmate as he folded the sheets back over his head. Did they not know how many drinks he had last night? Wait, he didn't even know how many of those concoctions he chugged.. It was one heck of a night. 
   "Bae, get up, hurry! We need to be at rehearsal in less than half an hour" He pulled on the sheets again. 'Man,' he thought, trying to tug off the sheets, 'This guy is so lazy..' "Bae. Come. On." With every word, the agitated musician tugged the cloth. Youngbae just sighed and sat up, rubbing his eyed and forehead. "See? Just a little farther..." D-Lite grabbed his arm and guided him out of his door; supporting him half the way as he stumbled. 'If only the fan's saw their 'oppa!~' like this' Thought Dae happily.
   "I don't wanna g-" While he was lumbering back and forth, Youngbae's foot caught his pajama bottoms;
:iconalexdamini:AlexDamini 2 3
Wished Lies Ch15 ReaderXbigbang
    "Owww, what the hell?" T.O.P rubbed his eyes, trying to adjust his hung-over condition to the extremely bright, early morning light. Random memories of his dancing, drinking and even hollering at the club last night flashed in and out of his mind.
    He slowly sat up in his bed, and than headed out of the room toward the kitchen, careful not to move too fast because of his weak body. Best thing for hangovers: Tomato soup. 
    While he started to heat up his soup on the stove, he brewed a quick cup of joe. He walked over to the counter. There, he lifted up the steaming cup, took a deep breath in, and sipped the hot bliss. It slowly ran down his throat, warming his insides while he kept is eyes closed to fully enjoy the feeling. "Ahhh..." He sighed, lowering the cup.
    As he turned to check the stove, he heard some noises from across the counter; in the living room. 'Probably the other hyungs' thought Ch
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Worth it (ReaderXBIGBANG fanfic part 11)
The promo night was finally drawing to a close and you were still riding high from your short interchange with Jiyong, You had lost Chaerin and Minji again at some point during the night and were feeling a little lost. Spotting Dara eonnie, you drifted to her side, where she was coolly carrying on a conversation with some manager or someone. She seemed to catch that you were a little shy and helped you to find a place in the conversation for a moment or two.
After, she started to walk away and you followed, asking where the bathroom was. The night was almost over but you needed a break from the crowd. Washing your hands, you exited from the restroom and looked around. It had been at the end of a long hallway and you couldn’t quite remember how to get back to the main hall. Oh well, you could just follow the noise.
You opened the nearest door to where you thought you remembered the hall was… and ran straight into Seunghyun, who was just about to exit the men’s room. I
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